Credit Card Payments

You are able to pay any Langes invoice by credit card online by entering your invoice number and payment amount below. We only accept Visa and Mastercard.

Once you complete the details below and press "Pay Now" you will be taken to a secure area where you can safely enter your credit card details.

If you require a confirmation email, please specify your email address on the authorisation page. Otherwise please remember to print out the receipt page so you have a record of your payment.

Amount to be paid (AU$):
Invoice Number:
Client Name:

Your credit card payment will be processed securely by Securepay's DirectOne Payment Solutions. SecurePay is owned by Australia Post. When you pay Langes via credit card, your card details are passed directly to our bank without ever being stored on either the Langes system or the DirectOne system. Langes and DirectOne at no time handle your money because the transaction is between you and our bank.

Please click the DirectOne logo below to find out more about payment security.

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