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June 17, 2007

Report to my readers

If you've come to looking for External Insights, don't go! External Insights is still on this site but no longer on the front page.

That honour now goes to Australian Regulatory Compliance Review (ARCR) which has overtaken External Insights in reader interest. ARCR will still also be accessible at its previous location if you had it bookmarked. The RSS feed will not change.

After 664 posts over 3 years I will be gradually redesigning ARCR (any suggestions from readers will be considered).

In case you're wondering how I
decide what to write about, here are my basic rules: I do not promote
third party products, take ads or payments and do not talk about
current client matters. I aim to find the original source for regulatory material and do not rely on media reports if I can avoid it.

Most of you are aware of my free monthly
e-newsletter. Hundreds of people every day receive the daily emails of new ARCR items and the RSS feed. (You don't use these? Subscribe in the right-hand column).

Thank you for reading.

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Posted 17th June 2007 by David Jacobson in Weblogs