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October 18, 2012

Fair Work changes

The Government has announced it will implement a first tranche of recommendations arising from the independent Fair Work Act Review.

The proposed amendments include recommendations covering unfair dismissal and enterprise bargaining and agreement making.

The time limit for lodging unfair dismissal applications will be extended to 21 days.

The Fair Work Act will also be amended to allow Fair Work Australia to make costs orders against a party that has unreasonably failed to discontinue a proceeding, or that has unreasonably failed to agree to terms of settlement that could have lead to discontinuing the application, or that has through an unreasonable act or omission caused the other party to incur costs.

The Government also intends to include changes to the Fair Work Act to implement a number of recommendations arising from the Productivity Commission’s final report into default superannuation funds in modern awards.

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Posted 18th October 2012 by David Jacobson in Superannuation, Workplace