January 11, 2012

Company charges: change to time for registering

Currently, a company charge must be lodged with ASIC within 45 days of being created or registered more than 6 months before an administration, liquidation, or deed of company arrangement of the grantor, whichever is the later, to ensure it is not void. (Section 266(1)(e) Corporations Act).

What are the rules for a company charge under PPSA?

Under changes to the Corporations Act which commence on 30 January 2012, when a company grantor is being wound up, an administrator appointed, or a deed of company arrangement executed ("the critical time"), any PPSA security interest which was perfected, registered or enforceable against a third party after the latest of:
a. six months before the critical time; or
b. 20 business days after the security agreement came into force;
c. a later time ordered by the Court under section 588FM;
would vest in the company and be available to creditors (section 588FL).

The Personal Property Securities Act does not generally impose any obligation to register a security interest at all or within a particular period of time. The PPSA also will not require a copy of a charge to be lodged.

Of course if a security interest is not promptly registered the secured party may lose priority against third parties or on the insolvency of the grantor. And a Purchase Money Security Interest must be lodged within 15 business days.

If you are taking a company charge as security it is critical to make sure it is registered on the PPS Register within 20 business days (15 business days if it is a Purchase Money Security Interest).

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Posted 11th January 2012 by admin in Legislation, PPS register