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July 11, 2010

Google Australia gives privacy undertakings

Australian Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis has announced that in her opinion Google's collection of unsecured WiFi payload data in Australia using Street View vehicles would have breached the Australian Privacy Act.

In response to the investigation, Google has given written undertakings that it will:

* Publish an apology to Australians in Google's official Australian blog ( for its collection of unsecured WiFi 'payload' data.
* Undertake to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) on any new Street View data collection activities in Australia that include personal information.
* Provide a copy of these PIAs to the Privacy Commissioner's Office.
* Regularly consult with the Australian Privacy Commissioner about personal data collection activities arising from significant product launches in Australia.

Google's undertakings will last for three years. These undertakings will be reviewed following any reforms to the Privacy Act.

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Posted 11th July 2010 by admin in Privacy