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December 28, 2010

Archived Posts Sitemap: Technology and IP

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Posted 28th December 2010 by admin in About this blog

June 5, 2005

Internet Legal Research

I have subscribed to Internet Legal Research Weekly for a while and, even though it's US focussed, always find something useful. So I was very pleased to find that this blog has been listed as a "blawg of the week".

To subscribe, just visit and sign up -- it's free!

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Posted 5th June 2005 by David Jacobson in About this blog, Legal, Weblogs

November 21, 2004

About this blog

I work with clients on aligning technology with their people, culture and processes.

This blog is intended to highlight the technology aspect: how technology is used in business as well as the law related to technology.

I will look at how technology is used in compliance and risk management, in improving knowledge management and communication and improving how people work as well as what's new.

On the legal side I was rated “Highly Recommended” by Legal Profiles 2001-2002 for "Intellectual Property and Information Technology" and “recommended” in Ecommerce.

I am old enough to have graduated from proprietary systems like Wang, to Unix and to Windows 95.  On the application side of things, I developed my then firm's document processing and assembly systems and 3 generations of its website and now maintain Network Law's internet based mortgage processing system.

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Posted 21st November 2004 by David Jacobson in About this blog