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March 22, 2010

Tech lit

I recently read the novel Makers by Cory Doctorow.

It managed to cover the issues related to individual creativity and intellectual property (ranging from open source to mega-litigation) in an entertaining way.

The book is not science fiction although it is set in the not too far future. It references corporations such as Kodak, Duracell and Disney and follows the journey of 2 inventors and a reporter. A key element is the effect of litigation on their lives.

And it appears to be part of a new stream of literature: tech lit.

It refers to the Burning Man. If you want to know about him you'll have to read Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez.

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Posted 22nd March 2010 by admin in Books, Legal

February 7, 2007

Is Banjo Paterson Australia’s most famous copyright lawyer?

I was listening to ABC Radio National and heard Pip Wilson being interviewed about Henry Lawson and Mary Gilmour. Then he mentioned Banjo Paterson, Lawson's friendly rival as Australia's national poet.

Pip Wilson said that Paterson was Lawson's copyright lawyer. Wow!

No wonder Wilson is so enthusiastic about late 19th century literary Australia: Lawson, Paterson, The Bulletin at their most creative. And Paterson is working in the city as a lawyer for his day job protecting Australia's literary heritage.

Great stuff: Wilson's novel Faces in the Street

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Posted 7th February 2007 by David Jacobson in Books, Legal